Aktuelles Generations

Thirteen Generations.
Three Classics.

Our new line Hieronymus and Alexander stands for 13 generations of family history, from 1604 with Hieronymus Hirsch, the progenitor of our family and founder of the estate, until today. The wines are classic and at the same time modern, they combine traditional and current values and meet today´s high demands on taste and quality.

The wines are light and fruit-driven, they bear our personal signature and are ideally suited for many occasions, to complement a meal or as company on warm summer days. Besides the two classics Riesling and Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc), which we market as VDP regional wines, this line is completed by a fresh and lightly sparkling Rosé-Secco.

Aktuelles Open Day


As every year, we want to take the opportunity this spring to present our new vintage to our customers. We would like to invite you to spend a day with us at our estate in Alsheim, on Saturday, 16th June.

We would be happy to send you further details by email.
To register for the „Open Day 2018” on 16th June, please click here.

The Estate


The foundation stone for the Rappenhof (lit. The Black Horse Estate) was laid as far back as the early 17th century, in 1604 by Hieronymus Hirsch, the forefather and progenitor of our family, who was to pave the way for a more than 400 year-old winemaking tradition. The name of the estate originates from the time of the current owner´s great-grandfather, who loved to ride through the Rheinhessen vineyards on his chaise (open top carriage) drawn by black horses. 12 generations later, the estate is now in the hands of Klaus Muth. With the knowledge of over 400 years of winemaking, traditional values are preserved and qualities continually improved.



Since the 1970s our estate has been a member of the “Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter” (VDP), the association of the German wine elite. In line with the VDP classification, our wines are divided into the categories Regional Wines, Village Wines and Single-Vineyard Wines. At present our vineyards are planted with a quarter of red grapes and two-quarters of white, with the focus on Riesling. All of our wines are sourced from our own vineyards located in the districts of Alsheim, Guntersblum, Ludwigshöhe, Dienheim, Oppenheim and Nierstein

Regional Wines


Entry-level wines of the highest quality. 
Our regional wines are light,  lively and fruit-driven wines which bear our signature. They impress with their purity and clear line and make the perfect accompaniment for many occasions.



Our village wines are sophisticated wines with ageing potential from classified sites, which clearly reflect their origin. They are the perfect choice for special occasions and sophisticated meals and impress the connoisseur with their complexity and depth.

Grosse Lage


The Grosse Lage wines are the best flagship wines of a VDP estate (akin to the French grand cru). They represent the finest expression of our unique vineyard sites, such as Herrenberg and Sackträger in Oppenheim, and Oelberg and Pettenthal in Nierstein. The wines are multi-faceted and complex, with exceptional ageing potential.

Sekt (Sparkling Wines)

SEKT (Sparkling Wines)

Our sparkling wines are made exclusively from grapes from our own vineyards. The base wines are made on site specifically for the ensuing Sekt production. Particular importance is placed on the traditional fermentation in the bottle. In addition, we also offer sparkling wines that are produced by the classic “Charmat” or tank method.

Alexander Hieronymus


Our Hieronymus and Alexander line stands for 13 generations of family history, beginning with Hieronymus Hirsh, the progenitor of our family and founder of the estate in 1604, until today.

The wines are light and fruit-driven, they bear our personal signature and are perfectly suited for many occasions.

The Single Vineyard Sites

The Single Vineyard Sites


The origin makes the wine.
We cultivate vineyards in the districts of Alsheim, Guntersblum, Ludwigshöhe, Dienheim, Oppenheim and Nierstein. Each of our sites with their diverse soils is unique and has a special character, which enables us to provide optimum growing conditions for our grapes.

Lage 6

VDP.Classified site


The Alsheimer Fischerfahrt is likewise a terraced site which produces the fruit for our fine-fruited Rieslings endowed with a harmonious acidity. The binding capacity of the loess soils ensure that the vines in the Fischerfahrt receive an optimum supply of water and nutrients. The Fischerfahrt is home to our oldest Riesling vines, which are now almost 70 years old.

Lage 5

VDP.Classified Site


Deep gullies have formed in the loam and loess soils. The outstanding feature of this fertile loess to guarantee an optimum water supply prevents both hydric stress and waterlogging. The Frühmesse is a south to south-east facing terraced site which slopes down to the Rhine.

Lage 4

VDP.Große Lage (Grand cru)


The vines of the Oppenheimer Herrenberg grow on calcareous marl with a limestone content higher than that of clay. The wines have a marked mineral note along with fine, delicately elegant fruit aromas of apple and citrus and are further characterized by a mild acidity.

Lage Oppenheimer Sackträger

VDP.Große Lage (Grand cru)


The vineyard, which is shaped like a large bay, opens out to the east – southeast and consists entirely of gentle to steep slopes. Nestled behind the ridge of the Rhine valley and the buildings of the town of Oppenheim, the site is protected from the cold northeast winds. The soils, composed of loess and calcareous marl, have the capacity to warm up quickly and the wines growing there impress with a pronounced mineral complexity.

Lage Oelberg

VDP.Große Lage (Grand cru)


Located in the southern part of the Roter Hang (Red Slope), the fruit which ripens here on the skeletal red slate soils is small-berried and particularly aromatic. Profiting likewise from its proximity to the River Rhine and favoured by excellent solar radiation and deep roots, the Oelberg is where we harvest our slender, elegant Rieslings with a lively acidity.

Lage Pettenthal

VDP.Große Lage (Grand cru)


Our vineyard in Niersteiner Pettenthal on the Roter Hang (Red Slope) is one of those special sites which produce outstanding Grosse Gewächse (dry grand cru wines). The vines grow on red clayish slate, which even in extremely dry years provides ideal growing and ripening conditions. Sunlight reflected from the River Rhine and the ability of the red slate to retain warmth give rise to a constant microclimate.

The best wines of Rheinhessen are harvested from this vineyard. Their exotic fruit aromas, often accompanied by fine herbal notes and the necessary minerality, are evident already in the young Rieslings but particularly elegant after several years.

The Family


The Rappenhof has remained under the ownership of the Hirsch-Muth family for over 400 years. Founded in 1604 by Hieronymus Hirsch, the way was paved for a more than 400 year-old winemaking tradition.


Klaus Muth


The present owner of the Rappenhof, Klaus Muth, is a 12th generation, direct descendant of the founder Hieronymus Hirsch. After completing his law studies in Mainz and Lausanne, he took over the reins of the family estate and in addition to managing the business is also active as a lawyer.


Karin Muth


Karin Muth likewise comes from a Rheinhessen winegrowing family. She takes care of all the administrative tasks in the winery and organizes events and trade fair presentations at home and abroad.


Elisabeth Muth


The upcoming 13th generation, Elisabeth Muth, studied architecture in Darmstadt and Zurich. Besides working as an architect in Munich, Elisabeth supports the estate at presentations and trade fairs at home and abroad.


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